For an overview of PLCs, see What Is a “Professional Learning Community”?

Successful PLCs are committed to professional learning for continuous improvement. Here you’ll find our officially recommended readings on foundational questions and implementation issues, as well as news on successful PLC districts and schools. (Note: Articles are subject to copyright laws. Please secure the permission of the copyright owner before duplicating.)

Building Leadership: The Knowledge of Principals in Creating Collaborative Communities of Professional Learning

Dumas, C.
University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Can Star Teachers Create Learning Communities?

Haberman, M.
Educational Leadership 61(8), 52–56.

A Case Study of the Relationship Between Collective Efficacy and Professional Learning Communities

Voelkel, R.
Dissertation, University of California San Diego and California State University San Marcos

Central-Office Support for Learning Communities

DuFour, R.
The School Administrator 60(5), 13–18.

Challenging Role: Playing the Part of the Principal Stretches One's Talents

DuFour, R.
Journal of Staff Development 20(4), 62–63.

Co-Developers: Partners in a Study of Professional Learning Communities

Capers, M., & Cowan, D.
Issues . . . About Change 8(2), 1–8

Community: Caution—Teams at Work

DuFour, R.
Journal of Staff Development 20(2), 57–58.

Community: Change That Counts

DuFour, R.
Journal of Staff Development 21(4), 72–73.

Community: Clear Connections

DuFour, R.
Journal of Staff Development 21(2), 59–60.

Community: Data Put a Face on Shared Vision

DuFour, R.
Journal of Staff Development 21(1), 71–72.

Community: Getting Everyone to Buy In

DuFour, R.
Journal of Staff Development 22(4), 60–61.

Community: How to Launch a Community

DuFour, R.
Journal of Staff Development 22(3), 50–51.

Community: Why Teach?

Journal of Staff Development 21(3). 65-66.

Creating a Professional Learning Community: Cottonwood Creek School

Hord, S.
Issues . . . About Change 6(2), 1–8.

Critical Facilitator’s Guide. Professional Learning Communities and Instructional Coaching

Providence, RI: Brown University Teaching and Learning Supports
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