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Is Your PLC Journey Written in a Loose-Leaf Notebook?


The basic and fundamental concepts of becoming a PLC are not found in a loose-leaf notebook where selected pages can be removed at will. You cannot take out the section on creating a mission & vision and throw it away. You cannot remove the page on developing team norms and set it aside. You cannot intentionally discard the pages on the importance of building shared knowledge and establishing a common vocabulary. There are no shortcuts to the PLC process. Essential elements cannot be ignored or dismissed because they are looked upon as being too elementary, too time consuming, or simply unnecessary. Read more

Why Your PLC Should Be Planning Backward


Okay, be honest. Have any of your professional development decisions been made at the last possible minute, or in some cases, the last possible second? How many times have you primarily based your . . . Read more

PLC Lessons Learned From the Corporate World


I thought it would be interesting to see how the corporate world might describe what PLCs are and are not by looking at slogans. Slogans like Kellogg’s “Snap! Crackle! Pop!” . . . Read more

When It Comes to Change, Are You a Committed Sardine?


When schools and districts transition from teachers working in isolation to working in cultures of collaboration, one of the most frequently asked questions is, “What do we do if every . . . Read more

Creating and Supporting High-Performing PLCs: One District’s Journey


The state of Florida has 21 national model schools of PLCs at Work™ listed under the “PLC Locator” tab on the website. 20 of these 21 schools are located in one . . . Read more