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Clarifying the Shifts in 21st Century Learning


It seems like everyone is talking about 21st century learning, but clarity on the distinctions between education in the past and education in the present is often muddled. Many people are also annoyed by the description of 21st century learning since… Read more

A Physics PLC: Collaboration at a Distance


This year my school district, like many others, implemented PLCs (Professional Learning Communities) as the driving force behind how we collaborate to help students learn. The directive was that all teachers should… Read more

From the PLC Summit: DuFour’s New Assessment Resource


Rick DuFour kicked off day two of the Summit here in Phoenix with the release of a new assessment resource called a Data Analysis Protocol (PDF). It’s a worksheet that teams can use to ensure . . . Read more

Congratulations Marc Johnson! 2011 AASA Superintendent of the Year


Earlier today we featured the great success of the Sanger Unified School District. Sanger was chosen by the DuFours because in 2003, Superintendent Marc Johnson had a vision—to improve . . . Read more

Districtwide Implementation of the PLC Process: Sanger Unified School District


When Sanger USD in Sanger, California, was placed in Program Improvement because of consistently low student achievement, Superintendent Marcus Johnson made it clear that the strategy… Read more

Professional Learning Communities That Work in the Classroom


While reading Professional Learning Communities at Work™, I considerably marked up the margins with check marks and the letter U; the check marks meant “this is so important” and the Us symbolized that the ideas, as I saw them, were important because… Read more