Who Is Steering Your School’s Bus?


In Revisiting Professional Learning Communities at Work™, the authors comment on common mistakes made in attempting to build consensus around a new vision of learning: “It is a . . . Read more

Do Our Behaviors Reflect Our Intentions?


This posting addresses schools that have been working as a PLC for a couple of years. Rick DuFour says that the road to a PLC is full of parking lots where a school can get stuck and fail to continue on the journey. At that point it’s time for a check of current reality... Read more

Developing a Shared Mission


The first challenge of a professional learning community (PLC) is the development of the pillars of a PLC: shared mission, shared vision, shared values, and shared goals. Working with schools . . . Read more

It's Not a Meeting; It's a Way of Being!


I want to share the temporary soap box that I got on last week when addressing a group of teachers and administrators about the term professional learning community. If we continue to use the term PLC in the way that it is being used in many quarters, then it truly has lost… Read more

Wide Range of Abilities


This is the time of year when we move into interview mode in schools. Having just exited one of these, something the candidate said caused an aha! moment for me. The question to the candidate had to do with… Read more

A Rose by Any Other Name: Professional Learning Communities


When visiting a school in the early stages of developing Professional Learning Communities (PLC), I heard the principal explain, "Our PLC teams meet twice a month." He continued proudly, "When our… Read more

Clarifying Collective Inquiry


We received a question about collective inquiry as it relates to professional learning communities. The writer indicated he was confused and wondered if it simply meant the comparison of test scores of the students of a collaborative team. He asked for clarification and… Read more

What Trumps Learning


Virtually no one disagrees with the proposition that having all students learn at high levels is a worthy mission. It is rare to hear someone say, "Well, I’m just not sure about that  . . . Read more

Gap-Thinking in a Professional Learning Community


In recent years a number of writers and researchers have utilized the phrase "habits of mind" The idea that we develop "habits" in the way we think raises an interesting question… Read more

Welcome to AllThingsPLC: What’s a PLC?

We extend our sincere appreciation to Solution Tree for creating and maintaining AllThingsPLC. We believe the site offers a rich resource to those looking for ways to deepen their understanding of . . . Read more