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Myrtle Hall IV Elementary School • Clarksdale, Mississippi

Myrtle Hall IV: Making Strong Connections

This school year, 2011-2012, Myrtle Hall IV began their transformation from a traditional school to a PLC. This was a tough implementation, because many of the teachers did not feel that their coworkers trusted them or cared to work with them.

At the beginning of the implementation stage, surveys were given to everyone and the results were given to teachers in their first PLC meeting. During this meeting, teachers got to express their feelings and give suggestions about what they thought could help create a more positive culture. After the meeting everyone received PLC booklets which outlined what PLCs are, how to make the switch, and how to keep documentation.

Team Meetings/Feedback

After having a chance to express their concerns, teachers were more open to meeting with each other and working together. Teachers began to have meetings in the hallways about how they could partner and help their students meet their goals. Teachers filled out Team Feedback Sheets to inform Mrs. Davis, the Principal, of their discussions, decisions, and concerns.

Data Driven

Teachers began to meet by grade and subject to discuss data from Case 21 benchmark assessments, MAP tests, and weekly assessments. These weekly meetings became focused meetings on student achievement. Teachers were now working together to determine more ways they could help their students reach their goals.

Awards and Recognitions

  • Principal of the Month (January 2012), based on highest Case 21 test data

  • District Winners of Accelerated Math Competition (December 2011). MH4 had the highest percentage of students to show growth

  • RIT Time Model School for state/district

  • District Teacher of the Year from MH4 (Mrs. Miller, 5th grade)

Continuing the Work

Mrs. Davis and the faculty and staff at Myrtle Hall IV are continuing the transformation to a Professional Learning Community by doing the following things:

  1. Having students, faculty, and staff recite the Mission Statement each morning.

  2. When students are not learning, teachers work with the interventionist to create a plan specifically for each struggling student.

  3. An Honor’s Elite club was started for students scoring near or above average on the MCT2 test. These students meet on Wednesday evenings.

  4. Students read their AR book the first 10 minutes of each class. Every student takes a test on their AR book on Friday. The three classes with the highest average are recognized on Monday during the morning announcements.

  5. Teachers are constantly meeting to exchange ideas on best practices to promote student learning.

  6. Mrs. Davis will continue to give faculty and staff surveys. This will enable her to handle situations that she otherwise would not find out about.

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