Dr. Tim Richard, principal •

Globe High School • Globe, Arizona

Remediation and Celebration at Globe High School

I have been inspired by Rick DuFour's work since I first read one of his books 11 years ago as a teacher. The PLC concepts motivated me to earn my master's degree and then my doctorate so that I could one day become a principal and implement PLC strategies.This year, I got my chance.

Globe High School was completely broken in every way imaginable and apathy and failure had been the school culture for at least a decade. At the second week of school we had 210 students failing one or more class. I implemented a "Remediation/Celebration" program to reward students who were passing all classes with an early release. Students who were failing were mandated to attend "remediation" so that they could improve. After just 9 weeks, the number of students failing dropped from 210 down to just 73! The entire culture of the school has changed for the better.

There is still more work to be done on our PLC journey, but this stuff works!

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