Harsha Shah, teacher •

Sovereign Avenue School • Atlantic City, NJ

Boys and Girls Club Supports Students

One of my students was having a very hard time reading at home with a large family and no space to work in peace. After many failed attempts of talking with parents and requesting 5 minutes a day of reading time with them, the students still came back with no support.

Ultimately I solicited help from my reading coach. We sat down and discussed various options keeping the student and her situation in mind. Based on her schedule we requested help from the staff at the Boys and Girls club where my student went after school. Fortunately we were successful in receiving support for our student.

We agreed to have her work spelled out in the agenda book; her assigned staff member volunteered to look at the agenda book and ensure that the student read to her and she even went further to discuss the book with her. Now we have established a positive collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club and know that we can depend on them for help with OUR children.

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