Candice Lord, Special Education Liaison •

J.H. Moore Elementary School • Philadelphia, PA

PLC in Full Effect

The term Professional Learning Community is fairly new to me. My district started off this school year by renaming each division within our district from Academic Division 6 to Professional Learning Team 12. This is just the beginning of the districtwide changes made to encourage ongoing and continuous development throughout our educational system. Per the Collective Bargaining Agreement between our union and district, professional employees will engage in the Professional Growth System [PGS]. This system was created to ensure effective personal professional development within the learning community.

The Professional Development Plan [PDP] encourages employees to participate in this annual plan of continuous instructional improvement. Employees who are to participate in the PDP must collaborate with the principal and ensure that the content of their plan is in alignment with the school’s Action Plan. As noted in my reading of PLCs, Mike Schmoker observes, "Clarity precedes competence." When educators are clear on the challenges within a school, they can plan and develop successful and influential goals, objectives and strategies to increase progress. I am eager as an educator and learner to participate in the PLC that is being developed and strengthened by my colleagues and myself. I look forward to observing the advancement and growth created by these learning communities.

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Cindy Rubio

Hello, at my campus I am included on most PLC meetings but do not feel I am part of it because I am the resource math teacher. My co-workers do not express that but it feels like that because I do not get the same resources as the general education classes nor the same opportunity to input. How can I approach the situation better so that the PLC meeting can be more effective for others as well as for me?

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