For an overview of PLCs, see What Is a “Professional Learning Community”?

Successful PLCs are committed to professional learning for continuous improvement. Here you’ll find our officially recommended readings on foundational questions and implementation issues, as well as news on successful PLC districts and schools. (Note: Articles are subject to copyright laws. Please secure the permission of the copyright owner before duplicating.)

Twitter for Singletons in a PLC

Ferriter, B.
The Tempered Radical

Two High School Districts Recite the ABCs of Professional Learning Communities

Kanold, T. D. , Toncheff, M., & Douglas, C.
Journal of Staff Development 29(3).

Up and Away: The Formula Is Well-Known, Now We Need to Follow It

Schmoker, M.
Journal of Staff Development 23(2), 10–13.

What a Difference a Word Makes: Assessment FOR Learning Rather Than Assessment OF Learning Helps Students Succeed

Chappuis, J., & Stiggins, R.
Journal of Staff Development 27(1), 10–14.

What Is a “Professional Learning Community”?

DuFour, R.
Educational Leadership 61(8), 6–11.

What Might Be: Open the Door to a Better Future

DuFour, R., & DuFour, R.
Journal of Staff Development 28(3), 27–28.

What's on Your Refrigerator Door? Clarifying What Really Matters in Your School

Many, T.
TEPSA News 8–9.

Whittier Union Emulated by School Districts Near and Far

Garcia, T.
Whittier Daily News

The Why Behind RTI

Buffum, A., Mattos, M. & Weber, C.
Educational Leadership

Work Together: But Only If You Want To

DuFour, R.
Kappan Magazine

Working Smarter by Working Together

Honawar, V.
Education Week 27(31), 25–27.
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