For an overview of PLCs, see What Is a “Professional Learning Community”?

Successful PLCs are committed to professional learning for continuous improvement. Here you’ll find our officially recommended readings on foundational questions and implementation issues, as well as news on successful PLC districts and schools. (Note: Articles are subject to copyright laws. Please secure the permission of the copyright owner before duplicating.)

The Flywheel Effect: Educators Gain Momentum From a Model for Continuous Improvement

Kanold, T. D.
Journal of Staff Development 27(2), 16–21.

Focused on Learning: Four Critical Questions to Which Every Educator Should Have the Answers

Ryan, E.
C&I Tech Journal

Formative and Summative Assessments in the Classroom

Ehringhaus, M., & Garrison, C.
National Middle School Association

Fostering Shared Leadership

Wilhelm, T.
Leadership Magazine (Association of California School Administrators)

Four Places to Dig Deep to Find More Time for Teacher Collaboration

Horsheed, K.
Journal of Staff Development 28(2), 43-45.

From Closets to Community: Our PLC Saga

Rigsbee, C.
Education Week

From Solo to Ensemble: Fine Arts Teachers Find a Harmonious Solution to Their Isolation

Burroughs, C., Dietz, L., Karnbach, A., & Maher, J.
Journal of Staff Development 31(1), 24–29.

Helping Students Understand Assessment

Chappuis, J.
Educational Leadership 63(3), 39–43.

High-Leverage Strategies for Principal Leadership

DuFour, R., & Marzano, R. J.
Educational Leadership 66(5), 62–68.

How the Best Gets Better

Buffum, A., & Hinman, C.
Journal of Staff Development 27(2), 31–35.

How Do Principals Really Improve Schools?

DuFour, R., & Mattos, M.
The Principalship 24(7), 34–40.

How We Formed Our Community

Burnette, B.
Journal of Staff Development 23(1), 51–54.

Improving Relationships Within the Schoolhouse

Barth, R. S.
Education Leadership 63(6), 8–13.

In Praise of Top-Down Leadership

DuFour, R.
The School Administrator 64(10), 38–42.

In the Real World: Professional Learning Communities—It's Not About “My Class”

Peal, C.
Leadership Compass 5(2), 1–2.
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