For an overview of PLCs, see What Is a “Professional Learning Community”?

Successful PLCs are committed to professional learning for continuous improvement. Here you’ll find our officially recommended readings on foundational questions and implementation issues, as well as news on successful PLC districts and schools. (Note: Articles are subject to copyright laws. Please secure the permission of the copyright owner before duplicating.)

The Role of Conversation, Contention, and Commitment in a Professional Learning Community

Graham, P.

The Role of Leadership in Developing and Sustaining Collective Efficacy in a Professional Learning Community

Porter, W.
University of California San Diego

A Rose by Any Other Name: Professional Learning Communities

Many, T.
TEPSA News, 7–15.

School Perspectives on Collaborative Inquiry: Lessons Learned from New York City, 2009-10

Robinson, M.
Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE)

Schools as Learning Communities

Gird, S. M.
Issues . . . About Change. 4(1).

Seven Practices for Effective Learning

McTighe, J., & O'Connor, K.
Education Leadership 63(3), 10–17

Shaping the Workday: District Brings Professional Learning Into the Classroom

Server, K., & Bowgren, L.
Journal of Staff Development 28(2), 20–24.

Shared Vision, Team Learning, and Professional Learning Communities

McKelvy, E., & Thompson, S.
Middle Ground 10(3), 12–14.

A Shift in School Culture: Collective Commitments Focus on Change That Benefits Student Learning

Eaker, R., & Keating, J.
Journal of Staff Development 29(3), 14–17.

Skill Shop: Beyond Pencil and Paper

Champion, R.
Journal of Staff Development 21(1), 68-70.

A Steadily Flowing Stream of Information

Jakicic, C., & Many, T.
Journal of Staff Development 27(1), 46–48.

A Story of Five Superintendents Trying to Transform the Organizational Culture

LaFee, S.
The School Administrator 60(5), 6–7.

Striving for Success: Teacher Perspectives of a Vertical Team Initiative

Bertrand, L., Buchanan, R., & Roberts, R.
National Forum of Teacher Educational Journal 16(3).

Structural and Cultural Shifts to Change the Status Quo

Wilhelm, T.
Leadership 38(4), 22–38.

System improvement through collective capacity building

Harris, A.
Journal of Educational Administration Institute of Education, London, UK
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