Key Turning Points


I had read and memorized these words: “One of the most damaging myths about school leadership is that the change process, if managed well, will proceed smoothly” (DuFour, DuFour, . . . Read more

What Does Hiring Look Like in a PLC?


The most important decision you can make as a leader is who gets to join your team. This decision is even more critical when you are in the process of becoming a professional learning community. So, let’s look at your hiring practices through the lens of a PLC. Read more

The Most Important Interview Question I Bet You’ve Never Asked


Let me start with a simple truth: There is no single decision made by the principal of a professional learning community more important than who to hire to fill vacancies on individual learning teams. After all, the teachers that you hire today are likely to be a part of your faculty—working with students, influencing colleagues, shaping decisions, impacting public relations—for years to come. Read more

Sustaining and Maintaining: No One Answer


Dear School Administrators, A question often asked during professional development workshops on professional learning communities is: “How do we sustain the PLC process from one year to . . . Read more

The PLC Hiring Process at Mason Crest Elementary


In their new book The School Leader’s Guide to Professional Learning Communities at Work™ (2012), Rick and Becky DuFour write about the hiring process that should take place when . . . Read more

Is This Candidate a Good Fit for a PLC?


We received a question from an educator interested in the kinds of questions she might use to determine if a candidate is a good fit for a professional learning community. We suggest that you ask . . . Read more

Are There Universities That Teach PLC Principles?


We aren't familiar enough with the programs of the many colleges around the country to recommend particular schools. The best option for a school district is to examine the course requirements of the… Read more

Should a Districtwide PLC Initiative Impact the Recruitment and Selection of Future Teachers?

Our bias on the recruitment & selection of new teachers follows: The district should recruit & screen applicants on the basis of whether or not this candidate "appears" to . . . Read more