Community and Relationships: Creating Strategic Support Systems

“Happily ever after isn’t a destination, it’s a daily commitment.” —Karen Finn I am often asked “What is the key to improving schools” or “Why . . . Read more

Starting the PLC Journey


There are many paths that lead an educator, a school, a district, or even a state to the PLC journey. Some are led to the path through a state or district initiative, others through the vision of their principal, others by a guiding coalition of teachers at their school. And some, like myself, discover the path through their individual journeys and growth as educators. The truth is that the ways educators come to the PLC journey are as numerous as the individuals on the path. However, one common influence we all share at the beginning of the journey is a prevailing sense of hope—the expectation and desire for something different, something that can change things for the better. Read more

Riverside County Office of Education Uses PLCs to Support Special Education


The Riverside County Office of Education was awarded the 2010 Golden Bell Award for the implementation of professional learning communities to support students with severe disabilities. The . . . Read more

Stults Road Elementary’s PLC Journey: An Overview


Since the implementation of the professional learning community (PLC) movement in 2005, Stults Road Elementary has developed a shared vision and mission. As the Stults Road Community, we are . . . Read more

Assessing Your School’s PLC Progress


“What should we do next?” is a question I frequently hear as a PLC consultant. But without data, I can’t answer this question. I have to understand where a school is on the PLC . . . Read more

Teaching vs. Learning: How Assessment Informs Instruction


One of the most overlooked and understated aspects of the common formative assessment process and the role these assessments play in a professional learning community has to be the degree to which . . . Read more

Drilling Deeper in a Professional Learning Community


The term professional learning communityhas become enormously popular, but the actual practices that form the framework of the professional learning community concept are much less evident in most . . . Read more