Achieving Equity through Teaching PRIDE

As we set off on our PLC journeys, we are often quick to collaborate for the purpose of Essential Standards, Learning Targets, Common Formative Assessments, and Tier 2 Interventions. In doing so, . . . Read more

What Does Your School’s Success Rest On? The Four Pillars in Action at East Pointe Elementary

Editor’s note: This entry is a joint publication by Jonathan G. Vander Els and Dr. Josh Ray. Testimonials from Dr. Ray, the principal at East Pointe Elementary School, are noted with the . . . Read more

Leading a Culture of Collaboration


When we began the 2018–19 school year, we knew as administrators that we were beginning a journey that would change the way that we do things at East Pointe Elementary. We understood that the work toward becoming a true professional learning community was going to be hard but that the effort to maximize learning for every student would be worth it. What we didn’t completely realize was the depth to which we would experience those difficult moments nor the magnitude to which we would appreciate those hard earned victories. Read more

PLC: The Catalyst for Change at Eastside Elementary


Change and education go hand in hand. As Principal of Eastside Elementary, I can attest to the positive change from the two years as a PLC pilot school partnering with Solution Tree and Arkansas Department of Education. President Obama stated, “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” This quote rings true for my staff, because they have truly embraced the process. If you were to ask an Eastside team member, they would say change has taken place by our work becoming more clear and focused. Read more

Keeping the Ball Rolling: Maintaining Momentum and Urgency in a PLC


The generation of innovative ideas and practices are often propelled through attendance at professional learning sessions where engaging practitioners and experts share their knowledge. Participants leave energized and excited; ready to get back to their schools to implement the new learning. All too often, without a systematic and consistent approach present within the culture of their schools, much of this enthusiasm diminishes when day-to-day obstacles arise. Read more

Compound Interest: Use it Today with PLCs


Albert Einstein is said to have stated that “compound interest is the most powerful force in the universe.” Compound interest is the addition of interest to the principal sum. By reinvesting interest, the base grows larger and when that base grows again by a percentage, the amount of growth is compounded. In this blog you’ll learn how the universal power of compound interest and PLCs can shape your school. Read more

Districtwide Implementation of the PLC Process: Sanger Unified School District


When Sanger USD in Sanger, California, was placed in Program Improvement because of consistently low student achievement, Superintendent Marcus Johnson made it clear that the strategy… Read more

From Lowest in District to Best in State: Lakeridge Junior High School


In 2002, Lakeridge Junior High in Orem, Utah, was the lowest performing junior high school in the Alpine School District. When the staff committed to full implementation of the PLC process, student achievement began… Read more

Going From Good to Great: Robert Frost Junior High School


Congratulations to Robert Frost Junior High School, this week's AllThingsPLC featured school! Rick and Becky DuFour had wonderful things to say about this shining example of PLC progress… Read more

Demographics Are Not Destiny: Stults Road Elementary School


Congratulations to Stults Road Elementary, this week’s AllThingsPLC featured school! The following is what Rick and Becky DuFour had to say about this shining example of PLC progress:  . . . Read more

Sustainable Improvement: Adlai E. Stevenson High School


Over the next few weeks, AllThingsPLC will feature the work of five schools chosen by Rick and Becky DuFour as models of PLC achievement. This is what the DuFours had to say about this week’s school… Read more

What Do We Do When They Haven’t Learned?


The implementation of a PLC is not a silver bullet, but a pathway to follow in working to ensure student learning. Implementation requires dedication and a focus on desired learning outcomes as teams work to answer the four key questions that guide a PLC... Read more

The Role of Support Staff in a Professional Learning Community


Recently, an assistant superintendent for operations inquired about the role the support staff plays in a district that is committed to functioning as a professional learning community (PLC). While the answer to… Read more

Learn About PLCs by Doing What PLCs Do!


Here is a great story from an elementary school in Schaumburg, Illinois that moved quickly to implement PLC concepts.The staff is seeing improved results almost immediately, and the success they are… Read more