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Everything I Learned About Leadership, I Learned at Summer Camp


I used to have the greatest summer job during college and my early years as a teacher. I spent 10 summers as a sports camp counselor in southern Missouri. I was fortunate to surround . . . Read more

Staying the Course with a Smart Assessment Plan


It’s a cool Saturday morning in October. Everybody is gathered at the Tim Nixon Invitational Cross Country meet in Liberty, Missouri. Parents gather on the sideline straining in . . . Read more

Professional Development Is Not a Spectator Sport


As a principal I used to be frustrated by how indifferent many of my teachers acted toward professional development activities. After all, I had spent a great deal of time putting the presentations . . . Read more

Homework That Motivates


As a parent and a school administrator, I am saddened at times to see the view that my own kids have about schoolwork. Homework is seen as the pursuit of arbitrary points and compliance with a . . . Read more