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How Hundred Day Plans Sustain a Culture of Continuous Improvement


You’re feeling good – you have created demand for modeling your school as a PLC and have structures in place to answer the key questions. You are making progress along the PLC journey… Well, you think you are. Or perhaps your PLC is stagnant; you are not seeing progress or you are not sure about how to measure it. Or maybe your school is just beginning the PLC journey and you are questioning how to monitor the first stages, especially since small wins are essential in the beginning to sustain the momentum. Or perhaps you’re wrestling with when and how to lay out the next steps of your school’s improvement work and are trying to determine how it fits into the larger school improvement plan. Read more

Put Your Money Where Your Maxim Is: “Investing” in PLCs at the District Level

thumb defines maxim as “a general truth or principle” or “a rule of conduct.” A few years ago when I was a high school principal leading the implementation of a PLC . . . Read more

Q&A: Scheduling Collaboration Time for Multiple Teams


The following question was sent into If a high school teacher has two or three preps, how does he or she serve on more than one collaboration team? I presume teams usually meet at the same time... Read more