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From the PLC Summit: DuFour’s New Assessment Resource

Rick DuFour kicked off day two of the Summit here in Phoenix with the release of a new assessment resource called a Data Analysis Protocol (PDF). It’s a worksheet that teams can use to ensure they are addressing the critical questions of PLCs with their students. It will help teams work together to address whether students are learning and how to help students who have fallen behind.

So far the Summit has been all about collaboration. Attendees are using the Summit’s official Twitter #plc2011 hashtag to share quotes, photos, resources, and commentary on what they’re learning about PLCs. NEA EdVoices Blogger Lisa Mims posted "Please, Let’s Collaborate!" about her first day at the Summit.



I also like this format for helping to guide my grade level team with planning. We have become such a data driven school, and frequently receive numerous matrixes. This form will help us extrapolate what is relevant and make a plan for the kids who need the most help.

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This is a wonderful resource! I plan on using this worksheet when I re-enter the teaching profession after completing my masters degree. Sometimes it is just knowing the right questions to ask to find the right answers.

Thanks for the resource!

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I am glad I found this! I sent it to my old school as part of what they could use for next year! Thank you.

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I am so glad that I just came across this. The Data Analysis Protocol is exactly what my team needs. I will bring this to my next PLC meeting to share with my colleagues.

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In my experience with PLC groups, the Data Analysis Protocol asks some very important questions about student learning and how to help those students who have fallen behind. However, I feel that the questions are more broad based than what is needed at my current school. With that being said, this worksheet is definately a tool to be considered. I will be sharing it with my department head as a potential assessment tool we can use to help determine our class schedules and teacher assignments for this next year.

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I really like the new assessment resource called
Data Analysis Protocol. I would like to share it with my
PLC team, and I really think they will like it as well.

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