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Timothy Stuart, executive director, Research & Development Strategic Programs, Singapore American School, Singapore

High Levels of Learning for All

Invent a low-cost incubator to reduce infant mortality in India, create a documentary about starring in a West End production, or design and market a product that will revolutionize girls’ lives in developing countries.

As part of Singapore American School’s commitment to provide high levels of learning for every student, the high school has introduced the Senior Capstone Project, which allows students real project opportunities like these. The Senior Capstone Project is designed to give students the opportunity to develop and demonstrate the school’s desired student learning outcomes: communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and innovation, character, cultural competence, and core knowledge.

The Senior Capstone Project allows students to design and create their own learning experience by pursuing an area of interest to merge their passions with their academic learning and to demonstrate the fullest extent of their enthusiasm, autonomy, and depth of knowledge in their selected area. Students may choose to sample a potential career through an internship, carry out an extended service-learning project, explore and research an academic topic of interest, design and engineer a product, or create an original artistic work. The scope of these projects is limited only by the student’s imagination, perseverance, and grit.

Each student, with the support of an adviser, refines his or her topic and goals, determines the learning objectives, selects the end-of-semester product, identifies and receives support from an off-campus mentor, and publicly presents his or her results at the end of the semester through an authentic and public presentation.

This video, “Revolutionizing Learning to Change Lives,” captures our research and development process and how we are creating a “Pyramid of Acceleration” for our students.

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