William M. Ferriter

William M. Ferriter is an eighth-grade science teacher in a professional learning community near Raleigh, North Carolina. A National Board Certified Teacher for the past 28 years, Bill has designed professional development courses for educators nationwide on topics ranging from establishing professional learning communities and using technology to reimagine learning spaces, to integrating meaningful student-involved assessment and feedback opportunities into classroom instruction.

Revisiting Professional Learning Communities at Work

It’s still hard for me to believe that we’ll be spending four days in September (the 8th through the 11th) exploring the nuts and bolts of professional learning communities with Rick and Becky DuFour.

Talk about a great opportunity to listen to and learn from two nationally recognized school change experts!

In preparation for our conversation, I will be posting a review of Rick and Becky’s newest book, Revisiting Professional Learning Communities at Work™, published in 2008 and written with good friend and colleague Bob Eaker.

Designed as a sequel to Professional Learning Communities at Work™---a book that has changed thinking about school organization, staff development and student learning in buildings around the world---Revisiting PLCs at Work has drawn the attention and acclaim of experts ranging from Douglas Reeves to Bob Marzano.

As Michael Fullan---noted author and Special Advisor in Education to the Premier and the Minister of Education in Canada---writes:

The 3Rs do not just revisit PLCs, they move in with a vengeance. With all the superficial talk and surface action on PLCs, the founders of the strategy say, Hold on! and then use their first hand experience to map out the next phase of the reform.

I’ll be sharing my own review of Revisiting later this week!

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