Introducing Our New Two-Part Documentary on PLCs

The professional learning community (PLC) process has become increasingly recognized as a powerful strategy for sustained, substantive school improvement. But do you know where PLC began and how it evolved into a process that has been adopted by thousands of education leaders worldwide?


We’re excited to announce the free online release of “The Origins of Professional Learning Communities” and “PLC at Work: The Beginning of the Practitioner’s Movement,” a new two-part documentary that digs deep into the history of PLCs.


The first part, “The Origins of Professional Learning Communities,” traces that history back more than 50 years, examining how research from sociology, engineering, and other fields contributed to its development. The second part, “PLC at Work: The Beginning of the Practitioner’s Movement,” demonstrates how PLC at Work fuels high levels of learning for all students, leading to significant gains in achievement.


Featuring top education experts, authors, and researchers, including Robert Eaker, the late Shirley Hord, James Kouzes, Karen Seashore Louis, Milbrey McLaughlin, Eric Twadell, and many others, this documentary takes you from post-war Japan to Adlai E. Stevenson High School and beyond, proving that PLCs are truly timeless.


Watch this two-part documentary now on, and be sure to share it with friends and colleagues so your whole team can learn about the exciting genesis of PLCs!

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