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COVID-19 Data Expectations

Guide to Becoming a Model PLC at Work® School

Use the attached templates to provide student achievement data.

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Submit Data Every 3 Years to Maintain Model PLC at Work® Status

Current Model PLC at Work® Schools and Districts are required to update their student achievement data every three years to maintain their Model PLC at Work® status.

To upload new data, sign in to Your Profile and then click Manage Schools. Here you can access your existing application.

  • Make any necessary updates to your application.
  • We encourage you to share highlights in your journey since you originally applied.
  • If you add to your narratives, please note the year(s), so our reviewers are aware of new additions.
  • Please name new achievement data file attachments accordingly. Please include the years the data covers in the documents’ File name.

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  • 3 years of consecutive data showing student improvement.
  • If you don’t have data for 2019-2020, please submit local assessments, or assessments used during that time frame. Click here for more info regarding COVID 19 data.
  • Be sure to include data showing the progress made by traditionally underserved student populations (ELL, Economically Disadvantaged, SPED).
  • Confirm contact person and contact info are correct & up to date.
  • Please add to your safe recipients’ list to ensure emails about your application are not blocked.
  • We encourage adding an additional contact for your school or district.
  • Additional contacts can be added from your Manage Schools page, or it is an option after you submit your updated application.
  • Check that any files or hyperlinks are accessible.
  • When using hyperlinks, please check that access is set to anyone with a link, and/or saved in a location where people without your district email address can access it.

Use the attached templates to provide student achievement data.

Need Help Accessing Your Application?

If you need help accessing your application, or if your Application Administrator has changed, we can help reset that for you.

  • The Application Administrator will need a (free) account on the AllThingsPLC website.
  • Please click Sign In to create a free account, if you don’t already have one.
  • Please email or click Contact Us at the bottom of the page.
  • We will need the name and email address of the person who will be the Application Administrator.
  • Please include the name of the school or district, the city, and state.