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Guide to Becoming a Model PLC at Work® School

Use the attached templates to provide student achievement data.

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Overview for Recognition as a Model PLC

Thank you for your interest in serving as a model professional learning community (PLC). To receive this honor, a school must:

  • Demonstrate a commitment to the PLC at Work® process.
  • Implement those concepts for at least three years.
  • Present clear evidence of improved student learning.
  • Explain the culture, practices, and structures of the school or district, and submit it for consideration to the PLC Review Committee using our online submission process.
  • Update school or district information on the site each year to show your data continues to meet the criteria of the PLC at Work process.

Before You Apply

We recommend gathering the following information and documents before you begin:

  • Student demographic data
  • Racial/ethnic percentages (if applicable)
  • Student achievement data from the past three consecutive years, with a basis of comparison between your school/district and that of your state/province
  • Awards and recognition
  • Team-produced products that address the Four Critical Questions

You will also need to prepare responses for the following:

  • In your “PLC story”:
    • Tell us how you built shared understanding and commitment to the PLC at Work process. (Recommended word count is 250–750.)
    • Tell us how you are facilitating a culture of continuous improvement in your school (district). (Recommended word count is 250–500.)
  • Under “PLC practices”:
    • Under “Monitoring Student Learning on a Timely Basis”:
      • Describe the process that your school (district) uses to create and implement a guaranteed and viable curriculum. (Recommended word count is 150–500.)
      • Describe the strategies your school (district) uses to monitor student learning on a timely basis. (Recommended word count is 150–500.)
    • Under “Creating Systems of Intervention and Extension to Provide Students with Additional Time and Support for Learning”:
      • Share how you are creating and implementing systems of intervention and extension to provide students with additional time and support for learning. (Recommended word count is 150–500.)
    • Under “Building Teacher Capacity to work as members of high-performing collaborative teams that focus efforts on improved learning for all students.”
      • Explain how your high-performing, collaborative teams focus their efforts on improved student learning. (Recommended word count is 150–500.)

Our panel of expert PLC practitioners will use the above criteria to assess each school or district. Please consider carefully whether your school or district meets each criterion. To see examples of what you’ll need to submit before you get started, visit the See the Evidence page for sample information and data.

Guidelines for Completing a Successful Application

  • Once you start the application process, you can save your work and come back to it at any time. To access your saved application, sign in to Your Profile and click Manage Schools. You’ll be able to pick up on the step where you left off.
  • You will have the opportunity to review your completed application before it is submitted. Please double-check that each required text box is filled out completely. Simply writing “see attachment” in a text box will not meet application requirements.
  • Before submitting your application, we recommend sending the application to several members of your team for review. You can do this by copying the URL of the application preview in step 8.

Tips for Submitting a Successful Application:

Under “Achievement Data”:

Under “Awards”:
  • List any awards and recognition to your school’s (district’s) commitment to the PLC process.

Under “Resources”:

  • Include products that help to demonstrate your school’s (district’s) commitment to the PLC process (i.e., shared foundation, team-produced products that address the Four Critical Questions, schedules, etc.)

After You Apply

  • After the committee has reviewed your application, you will receive:
    • an email of approval, or
    • an explanation of needed improvements, or
    • the opportunity to speak with a member of the Evidence of Effectiveness Review Committee to clarify and discuss next steps
  • Approved schools are required to update their data on an annual basis. To upload new data, sign in to Your Profile and then click Manage Schools. Here you can access your existing application, make the necessary updates, and resubmit your application.
  • You can upload additional contact information at any time. When you sign in to upload your new data each year, we recommend updating your contact information too. To do this, sign in to Your Profile, click Manage Schools, and then click Manage Contacts.
  • If your application is not approved, we encourage you to continue your school improvement efforts and resubmit another application in the future.

Criteria for Selection