Inspirational Stories


The Right Work: A Team on a Mission

For the past three years, Main Street Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School (MVPA) (previously known as Oaklawn Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School (OVPA)) has been . . . Read more


Reflections from another PLC Institute

I just got back from another PLC institute. I am not sure exactly how many I have attended. I have lost count at this point. But, on the 2nd day, one of my colleagues who was . . . Read more


Recipe for Response: One School’s Strategy For Responding to Struggling Learners

Public Schools are striving to meet the needs of a far more diverse learning population. As funds dwindle each year, teachers need to find creative ways of providing meaningful, . . . Read more


Meadowview Elementary School

Meadowview Elementary School faculty, staff, and administration found success within ourselves by using the PLC model. Based upon the data received from test scores (spring 2009) . . . Read more


The Schedule Won't Let Us Devote Time to Intervention

The most effective school systems in the world ensure that all of their schools have a process in place to monitor each student’s learning on an ongoing basis and a . . . Read more