Inspirational Stories


The Right Work: A Team on a Mission

For the past three years, Main Street Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School (MVPA) (previously known as Oaklawn Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School (OVPA)) has been . . . Read more


Walking the Path to Success

Three years into our PLC journey and I couldn't imagine our school without learning communities. They have transformed our school climate completely. Before we instituted . . . Read more


We're On Our Way!!

Great Falls Elementary School is a Title I school in rural Chester County in South Carolina, situated approximately halfway between Columbia, SC and Charlotte, NC. The percentage . . . Read more


Working in PLCs: Reflections on Collaboration From Australia

Background In 2010, Strathmore Secondary College elected to introduce Professional Learning Communities. On a trial basis these were teams of four or five teachers who were . . . Read more


Scheduling Nightmare with the Largest K-4 School in Arkansas

Greetings from Hope, Arkansas—home of President Bill Clinton, former Governor and Fox Contributor Mike Huckabee, the World’s Largest Watermelon and home to the . . . Read more


C.S. Porter Middle School (Missoula, MT)

Leading the Charge Our middle school, C.S. Porter, serves students in the 6th through 8th grades. 57% of our students are economically disadvantaged and 7% of our students are . . . Read more


Jefferson Elementary School (Calexico, CA)

We began our journey in the fall of 2006, fresh off the heels of being labeled “bottom of the barrel” by our local newspaper based on our standardized test scores. We . . . Read more


Meadowview Elementary School

Meadowview Elementary School faculty, staff, and administration found success within ourselves by using the PLC model. Based upon the data received from test scores (spring 2009) . . . Read more


The Schedule Won't Let Us Devote Time to Intervention

The most effective school systems in the world ensure that all of their schools have a process in place to monitor each student’s learning on an ongoing basis and a . . . Read more


Richard Gird Elementary School

Last year, the Richard Gird Elementary School staff began the process of "collaboration" through grade levels. Grade levels began to have discussions about student . . . Read more


Southmoreland Middle School

The true meaning of success! I have been teaching in the same school for over 10 years. I always "thought" I was a good teacher, sometimes even feeling I was a great . . . Read more


Volusia Pines Elementary School

Teachers at Volusia Pines Elementary in Lake Helen, FL are making great strides in student achievement for all. The third grade recently established a goal to increase math . . . Read more