Inspirational Stories


The Right Work: A Team on a Mission

For the past three years, Main Street Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School (MVPA) (previously known as Oaklawn Visual and Performing Arts Magnet School (OVPA)) has been . . . Read more


A Celebration

Five years ago I walked through the doors of Glyndon-Felton Elementary School as a new principal, determined to make a difference in the lives of students as a learning leader. . . . Read more


Working in PLCs: Reflections on Collaboration From Australia

Background In 2010, Strathmore Secondary College elected to introduce Professional Learning Communities. On a trial basis these were teams of four or five teachers who were . . . Read more


Focusing on Student Learning (Oskaloosa, Iowa)

We are currently in only our second year as a PLC, but by the progress we are making you might think we have been at it longer. It really is a testament to the dedicated, . . . Read more


Winning Streaks

Washington Elementary School serves a student population of approximately 30% ELL and 90.1% receiving free and reduced lunch – the highest of any of the 20 other elementary . . . Read more


Filling the Cracks: PLCs and Low Income Student Achievement

In 2008, our low income(free/reduced lunch) population was frequently the same list as our "at risk" students. Many times I found myself trying to track these students . . . Read more


Lakeville Area Learning Center (Lakeville, MN)

Over the thirty years of my teaching career, I have attended many workshops, conferences, and seminars, and only two of them have been “teacher (and hopefully student) . . . Read more


Winston Churchill Elementary School

Never Give Up "Ensuring student success" is our district motto. Yet, every teacher has that one student that makes it difficult, if not impossible, to believe that . . . Read more


Yuma High School

Story courtesy of Yuma Pioneer Down list going down at YHS Thursday, March 12, 2009 Writer: Tony Rayl The numbers on the downlist are going down as the students' . . . Read more


Southmoreland Middle School

The true meaning of success! I have been teaching in the same school for over 10 years. I always "thought" I was a good teacher, sometimes even feeling I was a great . . . Read more


Volusia Pines Elementary School

Teachers at Volusia Pines Elementary in Lake Helen, FL are making great strides in student achievement for all. The third grade recently established a goal to increase math . . . Read more


Hungry for more success!

I am principal of Anne Fox School in Schaumburg D54, and I really wanted to share with you some of our data results from our winter MAP administration. We spent last year, my . . . Read more


Pioneer Middle School

In his book Good to Great, Jim Collins asks, "Why try for greatness? If you're doing something you care that much about, and you believe in its purpose deeply enough, . . . Read more