Elizabeth Schmid •

Roosevelt Elementary School • Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Roosevelt Elementary School (Wauwatosa, WI)

Elizabeth Schmid, a kindergarten teacher, shared the following reflection about working in a PLC. Her insights capture the powerful sense of self-efficacy that teachers feel when they experience the benefits of the PLC process.

"So, I figured out why PLCs are so great and how they are changing my teaching - profoundly (this came to me in the car as I was drinking my coffee this morning...):

I used to be in the habit of assessing my students 3 times a year - for report cards.  It was quality assessment, but when it was over, I was always relieved and excited about getting back to teaching.  It wasn't very formative - except for the strikingly low kids - then I lit the fire and intervened.

With our new "continuous learning-target approach," I never stop assessing, so I am never far from the inside of their minds.  I have never before, academically speaking, known my students so well.  The flexible intervention groups that naturally come from these assessments make the entire process totally manageable.  I feel like I finally have the reins (of leading these students well) securely in my hands.  I've never felt this before in my teaching career.  Thank you for bringing PLCs to Roosevelt. !!!!"

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It's inspiring to see other teachers working towards the learning their students are capable of. As I go through these stories, I myself am inspired to do more with my students and their abilities. Would really like to see them shine and be more than what they already are. I love the moments where they surprise themselves with what they know. I want more of that. Discussing PLCs with my supervisor may just be the thing we need at our school. Great story!

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