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Pennfield Elementary School Pennfield, Nebraska

Pennfield Elementary School (Pennfield, NB)

I am a principal of a small rural school – K-4 – with a teaching staff of 6 including myself. In order for the team to meet on a regular basis we had to adjust the weekly schedule to allow almost every Wednesday afternoon a 2 hour teaming session. During this time the paraprofessional (resource person), the admin assistant and I provide enrichment opportunities for all 63 students. Therefore, I am not in attendance during the teaming sessions. However, we as a team felt that I should have input and if necessary place items on the agenda for discussion. Our last dismissal for the day is before the teaming session is over and this allows me opportunity to step in to the meeting to receive feedback or to give feedback based on the session. Though this opportunity is available I am not always able to take the time. Again as a team we then decided to always establish an agenda that we all see before the session and we all receive a copy of the minutes which include action plans regarding student assessment, PLC, professional development, etc. Before this all began however, we as a team had many discussions regarding trust, norms, productivity and evidence of success with action plans. Our set up is 3 years old and still going strong. Once other small school heard of our teaming and its successful results they asked to be included and therefore when possible we work with a communication program Bridget to work with other singleton teachers in similar situations.

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