Dr. Beth Litz •

Meadowview Elementary School • Meadowview, Virginia

Meadowview Elementary School

Meadowview Elementary School faculty, staff, and administration found success within ourselves by using the PLC model. Based upon the data received from test scores (spring 2009) and the fact that our students did not make AYP in reading, and came close to not making AYP in mathematics, we knew something needed to change. School leaders looked for ways to increase student achievement and engagement and found that PLC was the “cure” for our ailments. After the administration attended a PLC summit in July 2009 the entire staff began implementation in August.

The Meadowview Elementary School Leadership Team was determined to make changes in our instruction and our school itself by changing our approach to student learning, atmosphere, and culture. We met regularly in grade levels and traveled to a conference and another PLC school in Virginia to gather needed information. As the year progressed we implemented our data driven instruction within the core area of language arts/reading and used our I/E (intervention/enrichment) time during each day to remediate and challenge all our students. The school adopted the motto “High Expectations . . . No Limitations” and this is shared each morning during announcements throughout the building.

Every child in each grade level became “my students” to all teachers in that grade level and through the school. Activity and resource teachers assisted by pulling selected students into mentoring groups for study sessions and worked with them throughout the year. The entire school celebrated successes and helped prepare each other for testing with Test Prep Pep Rallies which began in December. During these pep rallies all students wore their “thinking caps” which were painted grade specific colors and all adults in the building wore tie-dyed t-shirts with all the colors present to show that we all teach each child.

Upon the conclusion of the 2009-2010 school year we found that MES did in fact make AYP in both reading and math. However, more importantly, we found within ourselves the power to increase student achievement one child at a time by using the PLC strategies and implementing best practices.

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