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Roosevelt Middle School

Roosevelt Middle School

I'd like to share some highlights. Our school implemented PLC designs several months ago, and we have already started seeing some of the positive effects.

Since the school year started on August 18, these are just a few things that have transpired for three student PLCs:

  1. Each class period has their own PLC charter including Mission, Vision, Values, and Goals that were created using a protocol that allowed for equity of voice (We have since modified "Collective Commitments" since students have realized that their actions and behaviors were not connected to their stated values. These modifications were posted and another benchmark reference will take place in November).

  2. Each class period uses the four guiding PLC questions, slightly modified, in order to talk and learn from the assessments embedded within their curriculum.

  3. Students use coaching skills to talk around their data.

  4. Students are accountable to creating new ways of learning for themselves and their peers (of course, along with the strategies that I present and work with them on based on assessment data).

  5. Each PLC has a "PLC student ambassador" who has the duty of welcoming guests who enter our room, and sharing the unique aspects of what occurs through a guided tour and a "call out" for supporting insights from classmates.

These 6th and 8th grade "special education" students are truly amazing and are rising to the standard.

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