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Volusia Pines Elementary School Lake Helen, Florida

Volusia Pines Elementary School

Teachers at Volusia Pines Elementary in Lake Helen, FL are making great strides in student achievement for all. The third grade recently established a goal to increase math achievement of their students and demonstrated that 99% benefited from their intervention.

The third grade team members from Volusia Pines Elementary School involved in this project were Jane Kelly, Maria Bailey, Margaret Baron, Elaine Craft, Jack Downs, Carol Sullo, and Bonnie Markell.

The gains in student learning were on a math unit. The pre and post assessments were the same instrument. The action plan (SMART Goal Setting Worksheet) the teammates implemented can be viewed at:

Volusia did not have results from the previous year on this particular unit, which is one reason why the team compiled the report.  However, the team was so encouraged by results, especially with the improvement of the lower performing students, that they implemented the action plan for the entire year on all units.  When implementing the plan for the entire year, the percentage of students who met high standards on FCAT math increased from 67% to 83%!

You can view a pdf of the report at:

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